Dextrose Prolotherapy

One body region: $260 per treatment

Dextrose prolotherapy involves injecting a solution of sugar (dextrose) and lidocaine into a specific part of the body to stimulate growth of healthy new tissues near their attachments to the bone, or into arthritic / damaged joints.

  • Targeted treatment for tendon, ligament, and joint pain
  • Results in increased collagen strength, improving joint stability and function
  • Series of injections spaced two to six weeks apart is often required

The dextrose solution triggers a short increase in inflammation in the injection area resulting in the creation of fibrin, collagen, and other substances that support the tissue healing process.

Many pain conditions can be treated with prolotherapy, including arthritis, sprains, and sports injuries as well as neck, shoulder, and back pain. The natural healing cascade is triggered, and pain usually begins to lessen within 48 hours, with healing continuing until your next treatment.

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Dextrose Prolotherapy treatment

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