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Integrative Healthcare for Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Together we can redefine how the world approaches, prevents and heals mental health conditions and chronic pain. This is being achieved through innovative pain treatments and holistic psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Scientifically researched & developed solutions with 100+ years experience

Three Pillar Approach to Mental Health

EntheoTech focuses on research and development of Health Canada approved natural psilocybin macrodose and microdose formulas, for use in our medically-assisted Therapy Clinics. We will be conducting further research and clinical trials to further prove the efficacy of our formulations and prescribed dosing protocols.

Mental Health in 2022

of adults in North America have reported symptoms of depression


people in the US are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder


of people who need treatment, actually receive it

The Future of Mental Health

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety afflict one in four people, and the global economic impact is over $2.5 trillion annually.

Traditional treatments can be ineffective for some patients. We focus on Psychedelic Assisted Therapies in conjunction with innovative treatment programs for long lasting change.

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Scientifically researched & developed solutions with 100+ years experience