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Our Focus: Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Addiction

Ketamine Therapy Led by the Brightest Minds in the Industry

Top Tier Leadership Team…

Esther Simmons Foot, RPh, Co-founder + President

Esther Simmons Foot, RPh

Co-founder + President

Owner/operator of an integrative pharmacy for 10+ years. Deep collaboration with a variety of medical, naturopathic physicians and clinics. Developed and dispensed innovative drug therapies including bioidentical hormones, autoimmune therapies, and topical treatments for chronic pain.

Fraser Johnston, Co-founder + CEO

Fraser Johnston

Co-founder + CEO

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh BSc, Fraser emigrated to Canada and began scaling digital education and e-commerce platforms globally. He then became the Program Lead at one of the top tech incubators in Canada, Accelerate Okanagan (AO).

During his time at AO he helped hundreds of businesses scale through innovative program design, strategic planning and detailed operational reviews. A pioneer in the biotech industry, Fraser was inspired by his own personal healing journey to amass the worlds’ largest catalogue of psilocybin mushroom strains to bring these powerful natural medicines to the world. His vision to inspire healthy and cooperative communities is behind everything EntheoTech does.

Dr. Francois Louw, Co-founder + Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Francois Louw

Co-founder + Chief Medical Officer

Co-founder and treating physician at the Bill Nelems Pain and Research Centre, the biggest comprehensive pain clinic in Canada with 20K+ patient visits a year. Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC. Triple certified in GP anesthesia, ER medicine and Pain Medicine.

Royden Doepker, Co-founder + EVP

Royden Doepker

Co-founder + EVP

Serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in business development, strategic planning and finance. Cannabis consultant with a 20-year background in cultivation, facility set up and operations. Director in a clean tech start up that recently sold.

Manesh Girn

Chief Research Officer

PhD candidate in Neuroscience from McGill University. Lead/co-author on over a dozen scientific publications and book chapters on topics including psychedelics and the default mode network. Currently conducting research on the brain mechanisms underlying psychedelics, in collaboration with Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris from the Imperial College London Center for Psychedelic Research.

Joe Gates, Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Gates

Chief Marketing Officer

20+ years of brand, marketing and business development expertise. Thrives with bringing products to life and creating memorable brands. Co-founded SAXX Underwear after graduating from UBC’s Creative and Critical Studies program. Designed, developed, and launched programs for global brands such as Adidas, Molson, and MillerCoors to name a few.

…Backed by Deep Medical and Science Team Experience…

Dr. Michael Ocana


Dr. Michael Ocana is a psychiatrist with specialized training in developmental neuroscience and trauma focussed psychotherapy. Dr. Ocana has 20 years of experience in inpatient and emergency psychiatry at Kelowna General Hospital where he was Medical Director of the Kelowna Adolescent Inpatient Unit for 15 years. He is an associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, where he supervises resident trainees in psychotherapy and provides mentorship to medical students.

Dr. Michael Ocana is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and has specific training in multiple forms of psychotherapy including Internal Family Systems, CBT, IPT, and the Comprehensive Resource Method. Dr. Ocana has been certified in Psychedelic Associated Psychotherapy through the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is a champion for physician health and wellness as the Physician Lead, Physician Health and Safety for Doctors of British Columbia and is the Medical Director for the Spiritual Emergence Network in Canada. He enjoys hiking with friends and travelling with his family.

Dr. Anita Sanan, Medical Director, EntheoMed Ketamine Suite

Dr. Anita Sanan

Medical Director, EntheoMed Ketamine Suite

Board-certified Anesthesiologist practicing since 2010. Taken on many administrative and leadership roles within her department at Kelowna General Hospital. She is actively involved in academics as a clinical faculty member at the University of British Columbia, teaching both medical students and residents.

meet the team | Dr. Lola Ohonba, Head of Clinical Science & Therapeutics

Dr. Lola Ohonba

Head of Clinical Science & Therapeutics

Founder & Consultant at WCI Health (Alternative Health & Wellness Hub). Over 19 years of clinical experience with top Fortune 500 companies in United States including United Health Group and Walgreens as a Clinical Pharmacist. Clinical Adjunct Professor at John Patrick University of Health & Applied Science. Best selling author and global thought leader on plant medicine as wellness tools with emphasis on cannabis and psychedelics. Lifelong medicinal herb practitioner and user with deep roots in the indigenous culture and traditions.

Dr. Zach Walsh, PhD, Principal Investigator

Dr. Zach Walsh, PhD

Principal Investigator

Clinical psychologist, Research Affiliate with the BC Centre on Substance Use, and a Professor of Psychology at UBC, where he directs the Therapeutic, Recreational, and Problematic Substance Use lab and the Problematic Substance Use clinic. Member MAPS Canada Advisory Board and a member of the International Research Society on Psychedelics.

Dr. Eugene Okorie, Psychiatrist + Principal Investigator

Dr. Eugene Okorie

Psychiatrist + Principal Investigator

Dr. Okorie is a Principal Investigator and Sub-Investigator at Okanagan Clinical Trials. As a practiced psychiatrist, he understands the inherent limitations of available options to help people struggling with mental health issues, hence his passion in trials of investigational products and therapies that would help his patients.

Meet the Team | Brittany Skusek, Head of Community

Brittany Skusek


Brittany Skusek is a Registered Nurse, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with over 10 years of experience in acute care nursing. She has studied around the world in various forms of holistic healing therapies, and her passion lies in weaving the science and western medical approaches, with alternative therapies to help people navigate through life with more ease, grace and love.

Meet the time | Georg Haible, Master of Genetics

Georg Haible

Master of Genetics

Georg a mycologist and world traveller from Germany with a BSc degree in Soil Science and Agriculture, and over a decade of working with cubensis mushrooms. In Canada, Georg spent 5 years building a company around mushroom cultivation and genetics. He has in depth knowledge and experience in commercial mushroom growing, commercial facility design, and environmental compost facility design.  This passionate mycologist spent a decade developing a genetic library of 200 plus strains including many that he hybridized from strains collected during travels around the world – as well as his huge network of more fungi friends. 

Georg currently works as a consultant for many licensed facilities and entities in the mushroom business around the world, able to advise on everything from growing in your closet to growing in a commercial air hanger the size of a football stadium. He’s done it all with passion and love. Mycelium matters! 

…Respected Business and Regulatory Oversight…

Robert Laurie, Legal Council and Regulatory Advisor

Robert Laurie

Legal Council and Regulatory Advisor

Robert W.E. Laurie is an international lawyer whose legal practice focuses on commercial business, government, regulatory issues, plus charter and constitutional legalities surrounding cannabis and psychedelic plant medicines. Robert serves as a Board Advisor to MAPS Canada.

Meet the team | Richard Takai, Director

Richard Takai


Corporate and business development specialist with a background in law, manufacturing, and international business development. For 10+ years he has been actively involved mentoring new businesses, and helping build the startup capital ecosystem through a program designed to create angel investors. BSc. UBC, LLB University of Victoria.

Casey Hutchinson, Director

Casey Hutchinson


Led Hutchinson Acquisitions Corp. (HAC) into commercial and industrial real estate in 2010, and housing partnerships as President in 2016. Been exposed to many aspects of acquisitions, scaled strategic growth, partnership, succession, and governance. Ensures consistency in governance, business framework, and performance metrics across all business units in pursuit of long term strategic goals.

Drew Shaw, Director

Drew Shaw


Over 20 years of strategic management and financial experience in various industries including private and publicly traded companies. Experience in capital, raising, financial management, tax management and budgets, to investor relations and special projects. Drew’s experience is instrumental in maintaining regulatory compliance.

…and Expert Advisory Support

Meet the Team | Robert Dale Rogers, Head of Mycology

Robert Dale Rogers

Head of Mycology

Robert Dale Rogers has studied plant and mushroom medicine for nearly 50 years. He is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, and an assistant clinical professor in family medicine at the University of Alberta.He is the author of over fifty books on natural medicine, including The Fungal Pharmacy: The Complete Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms and Lichens of North America (2011); Medicinal Mushrooms:The Human Clinical Trials (2020); and Psilocybin Mushrooms: The Mystery, Science and Research (2021).Robert was previously on the editorial board of The International Journal of Medicine Mushrooms, and past chair of the Medicinal Mushroom committee of NAMA. He occasionally writes for Fungi magazine, consults in the functional food and nutraceutical industry, presents at conferences, and conducts walks and talks in North America and Europe.

meet the team | Dallas Chelick, CPG Digital Marketing Advisor

Dallas Chelick

CPG Digital Marketing Advisor

Founder of multiple companies ranging from advertising to book publishing. Dallas is a lifelong student of economics, with a passion for business optimization through logical, iterative process’. As of early 2022, he has driven an estimated $1.4B in revenue through his marketing arms, while empowering dozens of business owners throughout the United States and Canada.

Clinic Advisor, Gary Prihar

Gary Prihar

Clinic Advisor

Extensive experience to spearhead advanced training in Outreach, Telemedicine, and Expansive Growth Strategies. Brings comprehensive healthcare knowledge to the organization, with the critical lens of CPA and CA designations. Gives management an intimate understanding of the dynamics that create a platform for successful interactions between provider and recipient.

Nikolai Vassev, Advisor

Nikolai Vassev


Founder of Mindleap Health, the world’s 1st telemedicine platform focused on psychedelic treatments. Sold over $10m+ worth of products, launched several successful brands and formed lucrative technology partnerships. Worked with range of technologies and sold solutions to Fortune 500’s and the Canadian & US governments.

Dr. Maclean Pagon, PhD, Psychedelic Medical Advisor

Dr. Maclean Pagon, PhD

Psychedelic Medical Advisor

Broad understanding of the cross-cultural aspects of Medicine and Psychiatry. Studied at Tianjin International University of Medicine and Modern and Traditional Pharmacology. PhD in the history of medicine at the Open University in Sri Lanka.


Supporting non-profit foundations with initiatives to help our community access our programs.


Our goal is to help patients physically with cutting edge interventional pain treatments and emotionally/mentally with medically assisted therapy treatments to create a truly disease-modifying approach and long term positive patient outcomes.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Integrative Pain Management Clinics are designed promote mental health and global wellness using psychoactive substances such as psilocybin, ketamine, and other entheogens.

Psychedelic Research & Development

EntheoTech Bioscience is focused on the research and development of psilocybin and medicinal mushroom protocols and products.

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