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EntheoTech is the creator of an innovative psychedelic therapy model called Odyssey showing strong patient results, and the developer of natural psilocybin formulations and interventional pain treatments to optimize mental health and relieve chronic pain.

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The Odyssey Method

Take the Odyssey

Flexible. Affordable. Online Wellness Support for Life.

Odyssey is a personalized approach to Ketamine Assisted Therapy using the highest quality psychedelic doses of intramuscular ketamine in the safety of our medical clinics.

Each dose is conducted by specialized medical doctors with a team of psychedelic trained therapists who will prepare and guide you on each step of your journey. Giving you ample support with preparation and  integration psychotherapy, as well as coaching through mind-body tools to maintain wellness in your life.

Odyssey Online is an easy and private way to access Ketamine Assisted Therapy education, preparation, integration and other free weekly wellness classes.

Psychedelic therapy can be a life-changing catalyst for patients with treatment resistant depression, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, OCD and eating disorders.

Research and Development on our Proprietary Strains

Our mushroom strains are the result of 50+ generations of genetic fine-tuning and are now being cultivated by our Health Canada approved partnership with Filament Health

EntheoTech’s genetic catalogue features over 200+ proprietary strains. These strains have been phenotyped over the last decade for complex plant traits such as growth, tolerance, physiology, and yield. ET is interested in studying the entourage effect of mushrooms containing psilocybin and other constituents. Filament Health is currently cultivating these strains and analyzing their chemical composition, so EntheoTech can differentiate between them and link to differences in their reported psychological effects. It’s our way of quantitatively comparing strains and assessing the potential for a psilocybin entourage effect.

The power of psychedelic medicine combined with world-class therapeutic support

Unlock The Healing Power of The Mind

The power of psychedelic medicine combined with world-class therapeutic support:

Group and individual psychedelic-assisted therapy.
Cutting edge interventional pain treatments.
Online and in-clinic healing Yoga & Meditation.
Breathwork modalities.
200 Genetic Catalogue

Unique fungi strains and extraction methods

Novel formulations and IP in psilocybin-based treatments

Collaboration is key to developing a new approach to mental health

In promoting mental health and global wellness, we share the desire to heal and evolve our communities with: UBC Okanagan, Bill Nelems Pain & Research Centre, Filament Health, and Restore Surgical.

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