Migraine / Dystonia: $225 per treatment

Botox, a purified protein, has been approved by Health Canada for treating chronic migraine for more than a decade.

  • Effective, safe, and quick to inject with minimal discomfort
  • Recommended for patients who regularly have more than 15 days of headaches a month (eight or more of which are migraines)
  • Re-injections once every three months

Fine needles are used to deliver injections into specific muscles of the face, scalp, and shoulders. Botox works by exerting a “calming effect” on sensory nerves that modulate pain. An effect on muscle contraction may also play a role but is not thought to be the key mechanism for migraine. Botox has also been used safely and effectively for many other conditions including myofascial pain, as well as dystonia: “tight and contracted muscles”.

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Botox treatment for migraines

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