Psychedelics for Chronic Pain & Mental Health: EntheoTech Ketamine Assisted Therapy Event w Dr Louw

Psychedelic assisted therapy is opening up new frontiers in chronic pain and mental health. Watch to learn more with EntheoTech’s Dr Francois Louw.

EntheoTech is a Kelowna based developer of psilocybin products, natural medicines, interventional pain treatments, and psychedelic assisted therapies to optimize mental health and relieve chronic pain.

In late April 2022, several members of the EntheoTech medical team gave presentations to an audience of over 70 physicians, mental health professionals, pharmacists, and laypeople on the science of ketamine and our unique approach to ketamine-assisted therapy that we offer at our EntheoMed Ketamine Suite. The event opened with a presentation by our co-founder and Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Francois Louw.

In this video, you’ll watch Dr. Louw take the stage and provide an overview of:

🔹 The exciting research on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin and ”quasi-psychedelics’ ketamine and MDMA.

🔹 The clinical trials that have been conducted to date and what the research shows on how these drugs — at the level of the brain and mind — can induce therapeutic experiences and lasting effects.

🔹 EntheoTech’s plans to conduct our own clinical trials with psilocybin-assisted therapy

🔹 EntheoTech’s plans to provide psilocybin and MDMA therapy once regulations change in the coming years (assuming clinical trials continue to show strong results)