Finally, the relief you’ve been searching for.

Discover the innovative treatment helping people overcome depression and transform their lives.

Just one way ketamine therapy improves depression symptoms is by stimulating new brain connections, making conscious the unconscious and transforming the way we connect to ourselves, our trauma, and the world.

Ketamine is a proven safe medication, now with an innovative new application.

Fast acting, long lasting anti-depressant effects.

Ketamine is proven to be a safe medication, trusted by medical professionals in hospital procedures for over 50 years. Today, it’s revolutionizing mental health by providing rapid relief of depression symptoms for the majority of individuals in treatment.

Why mask symptoms when you can heal the root cause?

The current mental health paradigm is broken.

Despite widespread use of SSRIs, the mental health crisis is worse than ever before. Ketamine-Assisted Therapy empowers individuals toward root cause healing through insights gained with psychedelic experiences, supported by personalized preparatory and integratory counselling each step of the way.

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The power of psychedelic medicine combined with world-class therapeutic support

Why choose Odyssey?

The Odyssey is our personalized, science backed, medically directed approach to Ketamine Assisted Therapy.

Medically supervised intramuscular ketamine treatment in a safe and comfortable environment designed with your healing in mind. Why Intramuscular Ketamine is better.

Preparatory and integratory personalized therapy to support insights gained from psychedelic experiences. Meet the team.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy at your own pace, giving you more freedom over your time and budget. No fixed programs necessary.
Lifetime access to the Odyssey Online Companion: an interactive guide with one-on-one counselling, training and resources for healing modalities that support KAT.
Access to in-person community events like live yoga and breathwork classes in our Kelowna Odyssey Clinic.

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